After 17 hours of racing with the rough sea, we have finally made it to the port of Olbia – Sardinia. I wouldn’t consider this trip as pleasant due to the weather conditions when the wind was blowing 35 knots and the waves reached 3 meters high.

“STOP THE YACHT! I just need solid ground under my feet!”

The yacht was bouncing on these big waves sending us up in the air and then making us land back down on water but it actually felt like landing on concrete. I no longer had my stomach where it supposed to be…Instead, it felt like it was in my throat, it’s a horrible feeling followed by hot & cold flushes at the same time. Feels like your stomach just wants to jump right out of you, sweat and shivers running all over the body, mouth keeps watering and by looking at the horizon which kept on travelling up and down and diagonally makes you so dizzy that feels like you’re very drunk. The only thing that you think and dream of at that moment is : “STOP THE YACHT! I just need a solid ground under my feet!” But then you realise there are still 15 hours to go!


Time to sleep.

Sleeping on a delicately rocking boat is amazing, it actually compares to being in a cradle. Swings left and right, waves gently splashing against the hull of the boat-it all make it sound like music, adding the lines which tense so tight by holding several tons of weight create a beautiful melody just like a vibrating guitar string magically and rhythmically playing like a little orchestra…

All this seems and sounds amazing until…Ok, let’s get back on Earth, or on the rough sea more likely. All the above was just a nice dream which disappeared rapidly in the moment the ship hit a huge wave, also the two anchors didn’t want to stay in their place either, they were banging against the walls instead.

Behind a very thin wall which was dividing my cabin and the “anchor room” there were two massive anchor chains which were no longer resting in peace and didn’t dare to stay where they belong. The two heavy giants were sliding all around the floor to the leeeeeeft…BANG! And to the riiiiiiiight…BANG! Succeeding at keeping me awake.

Everything around me was cracking and creaking as it’s about to fall apart in pieces, best earplugs I own become useless, and me on my 1,5m high bed bunk-like the chains rolling to the leeeeft…and to the riiiiiight…to the leeeeft…and to the riiiiiight…

I imagined the boat would finally crack at some point and with a hole in the boat we obviously weren’t going far… So I started making a plan in my head in case the boat starts to sink.

Sitting in the cabin which felt like being on a roller coaster and listening to the ship banging against the concrete waves only triggered my imagination for the worst. I imagined the boat would finally crack at some point and with a hole in the boat we obviously weren’t going far… So I started making a plan in my head in case the boat starts to sink. First I was trying to locate where was my lifejacket, then I was thinking what should I take with me if we ever had to abandon the ship etc., Then the panic was knocking on my door making me create crazy scenarios and brought weird thoughts to my head for example “how are we going to pee if we all going to be in one life raft…” Yes, my imagination got out of control big times, so I decided to see what’s going on throughout the boat. I looked through a porthole (window) and I felt like I was looking at a washing machine or hell…water was furiously splashing in every direction and it was white. That made me dizzy so I carried on.  As I walked around I had to watch out for random obstacles on the floor-all snacks came out of cupboards and a few broken plates, some cupboard doors and drawers opening and closing to the rhythm of waves. A few broken jars, our fridge was no longer where it supposed to be, it basically looked like some burglar came to look for something precious and rearranged the interior in the meantime.

“On the way back to my cabin I noticed little cracks on a few windows and I looked into the big scary eyes of panic again”

I went up to the bridge to see the Captain and he was sitting comfortably in his big chair watching the bow of the boat going under the horizon and then above it, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t scary for him but hey-he is the Captain! It would have been much worse if he was scared. Seeing the Captain totally chilled out made me much calmer and I felt I could trust him with my life on that boat. On the way back to my cabin I noticed little cracks on a few windows and I looked into the big scary eyes of panic again, but quickly reminded myself how calm was the Captain and that water is not coming through the cracks and nothing bad can happen so I kept on repeating the words in my head “Everything is going to be fine, boat is meant to float”, and I went to sleep.

Sunset in Sardinia

Everyone was overflowing with happiness when we arrived in the port, dropped the anchors, threw the lines out and immediately stepped off the boat to feel the steady ground. The 17 hours of constant torture was quickly forgotten by the stunning view welcoming us on the arrival.

Calm after the storm, Sunset in Sardinia
Reflection of boats in a glossy water, Sardinia



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